Friday Links XV (Better Late Than Never)

“Pretend it’s the weekend…we could pretend it all the time.”
– Jack Johnson

And I shall stay here.  While I can.

I just got back in town, ducklings, after visiting Gio at his university.  We were celebrating his successes, meeting the girlfriend, and generally goofing off.  Which is how Fridays should be spent, offices are dreadful places on a Spring afternoon. This Sunday I’ve also got a new nephew’s christening.  Family is fabulous, if a bit hectic.  Come Sunday evening I shall be tired.

But as always, I’ve found some fun things for you, well beloved minions, to kick off your weekends.

The best-dressed protest I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of fashion, it’s not only Ascot that brings out the wonky headgear.  Behold the evolution of Kentucky Derby hats.

I am an unabashed Whovian and Sherlock lover.  The fact that J. gets to see them months before they debut in the US drove our marriage to the brink (not true, but there was a great deal of disgruntlement on my side and malicious glee on his.  He’s very good at not giving up any, “Spoilers!”).  Here’s a NPR interview with the evil genius behind both revitalization of older brands, Steven Moffat.  Also, Sherlock resumes this Sunday on PBS, all minions are required to report for viewing duties.  There will be a quiz.

The rest of the (Western) world, as understood by the rest of the world.

Chocolate.  Do you really need any more information?

Newt Gingrich is (finally…dear heavens, finally) gone.  Luckily for us, he’s just as ridiculous and easy to mock now as he was campaigning.   Mind you read the sidebar carefully.

My godfamily always throws fabulous parties (GS in particular is famous for her “bars” – hot chocolate bars, drinks bars, and her latest triumph, lemonade bars) and Trixie and Drill’s couples shower was no different.  The presents were lovely, Trixie has excellent taste, and unfortunately now I have a strange urge to redecorate everything.  Luckily poverty prevents me.  Here’s a fabulous online shop specializing in housewares and unusual plants.  I’m particularly loving this reclaimed wine barrel cheese tray, and want to defy nature by putting these all over the house.  Weddings are dangerous, kittens!

I’m not a huge sports fan.  Naturally I root for my alma mater’s teams, and I have my English and stateside football teams (which I’m not mentioning, since I don’t want to drive any of you away/to drink, football being next to religion for some of you), but other than that, meh.  The only use I have for professional American Football is Superbowl parties, and much to J.’s annoyance, basketball doesn’t do anything for me.  But even I could get firmly behind this story.

Clever kitty.

Creeper kitty.

No plans of spawning for a few years yet, but many of my friends have cranked out bundles of joy recently, and a couple have found really nifty things for bringing up baby.  Here’s a fun tool, and here’s a lovely shop for the mums out there.

The weekly sheep.  I know they’re cultural or whatever… but rodeos (and frankly most of the American West) baffle me.

Speaking of mums, Mother’s Day is coming up.  Does anyone have any creative ideas?

3 thoughts on “Friday Links XV (Better Late Than Never)”

  1. I’m going to make my mom an antique dresser out of chocolate. Since she loves chocolate and antiques, it just makes sense.

  2. J. steer you toward the Eric LeGrand story? Kid is incredible. Have some great respect for him. It’s such a shame what happened, but phenomenal how positive he remains. He’s convinced he’s going to walk again someday and he’s made some big steps toward it.

    Loved the protest. Hilarious.

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