Office Food Chain

“If you have a job without any aggravations, you don’t have a job. ”
~ Malcolm S. Forbes

Things that make me sigh:

When an officer stands at the copy machine for several minutes staring at it before turning to me.
“C., it says open drawer one and add more paper.  Why isn’t it printing?”
“Because you need to add more paper.”
He stands and looks at me for a long moment before I realize what he’s really asking.  At which point I have to leave the dozen files on my desk, the background check, and the wage changes, to walk ten feet to a cabinet labeled, “Paper,” and put a few handfuls of paper into drawer number one.

Things that make me raise an eyebrow.

Said officer watching me do the whole spiel before saying, “Well, that was easy.”

No kidding.

5 thoughts on “Office Food Chain”

  1. Eh, most people are idiots. It amazes me how much they struggle with technology. I’m sure he was so confused by the looks of the machine. He probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to open it up. Good thing you were there for the rescue.

  2. Ha! I have the same thing in my office. I had to show my, now retired, boss how to scan documents every time he wanted to be ‘independent’. 5 years.

    To quote the great Charlie the cat – silly humans

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