“…any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.”
– John Donne

I had a lovely weekend with my brother, even though it was a bit rushed as I needed to get back for our new nephew’s christening on Sunday.  I’m very sorry to say, the day ended really sadly.  On the way home from the post-church family party, my brother-in-law’s (the husband of J.’s sister) parents were involved in a car accident and both passed away.  Two of their grandchildren were in the car with them and were very badly hurt.

I did not know them extremely well, but I saw them about every other month at extended family gatherings and they always greeted J. and I with smiles and hugs.  They were kind and gentle people, with a big family which they were the center of, and beloved grandparents.

Life is stunningly fragile, darlings.  I don’t know if we’re truly ignorant of it (until it hits us) or if we just choose to ignore the fact for the sake of our sanity, but there it is.  None of us are immune.

Please think of your own loved ones today, and please spare a kind thought or prayer for mine.

3 thoughts on “Losses”

  1. My best friend’s mother lost her life to cancer today, and my own departed brother’s birthday is in two weeks. Like you, I’ll be feeling the loss and holding my boys a little tighter tonight.

    Sending you and J as much love and positive energy as I can.

  2. Oh my goodness! How tragic! I sure hope the grandkids make it out ok. Do let us know how that goes. I can’t imagine losing both my parents in the same day so unexpectedly. Life really is fragile.

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