Friday Linkstorm (I should probably start numbering these…let’s call this one VII)

“What is a weekend?”
– Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

That blasted cold is making a comeback.  Thank Jupiter, Odin, and Quetzalcoatl it’s Friday.  I intend to spend it looking at all the places J. and I want to live and using my Peregrine-given resume and cover letter skills to wage a campaign of job hunting.  That an a few phone calls to J. and the girls.  And perhaps chicken soup and orange juice.  Anyway, here’s your Friday fun, minions.  Aunty C. love you.

I like the Keep Calm posters as much as the next girl (although, it’s meme-like status does tend to over saturate one), so here’s the history of it.  The more you know, kids.

Here, enjoy one of the more ridiculous tales of naval warfare (warning, Cracked can be rated PG13 – though really Small Dog Syndrome is not intended for the consumption by small children, pets, sensitive maiden aunts, or faint-hearted pearl clutchers.  They can read Teletubbies Weekly.)

Words cannot express how badly I want this in my house.

In continuing women’s politics news, oh hell no.

So, I’ve mentioned that I gave up being lazy for Lent.  I have, and let me tell you, it’s invigorating!  But strangely, even though I’m wasting less time, I didn’t feel any busier and I was wondering how that worked with the space time continuum.  Normally when I take on more projects, I feel it.  And then I read this article and realized that the problem wasn’t that I was lazy, it was that I hadn’t been using my time as meaningfully and I wasn’t being honest about how much time I spent on things.  So, my goal still holds, but I’m incorporating some of Vanderkam’s language: I’m not just giving up being lazy, I’m owning up to how I spend my time.  Also, Peregrine, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d ignore that sentence of her’s in the last paragraph…you know the one I mean…

The 35 best shoes from the European fashion weeks.  You’re welcome.

Everyone knows the Brothers Grimm, right?  Well, they were not the only Germans out collecting fairy tales!  An archive of over 500 fairy tales has been found in Regensburg – somewhere Disney executive are hugging themselves and planning their next century of cinematic projects.

And here’s the late, lamented Victor Borge proving that funny is everywhere – even the noblest cultural institutions.

2 thoughts on “Friday Linkstorm (I should probably start numbering these…let’s call this one VII)”

    1. Of course you know Laura Vanderkam…someday I too will have a gallery of literati luminosity for friends as well!

      And yes, that horse!

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