Scene From Last Night

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4am that matter.”
– Marlene Dietrich 

“Why are you still up?” Margot demands.
I wave a frustrated hand at my laptop, “Because I’m working on this cover letter.  My resume’s in working shape, thanks to Peregrine, but this is the first time I’ve had to write one of these.  I’m making a pig’s ear out of it.  Wait…why are you up this late?”
“Wedding stuff.  My wedding planner came by and the meeting took three hours.  We’re not seeing eye to eye on the color of the cake.  I also had to strip down in front of a strange man.”

My eyebrow inches up.  “I imagine that wasn’t nearly as fun as you’re making it sound.”
“Nope,” Margot yawns, “gown measurements.  I only sound perky because of the chocolate I’ve been scarfing down to get by.  What time did you get home?”
“10:30.  What time is it now?
“12:30.  Yikes.  How’s work?
“FBI’s coming to town, I’m organizing the event.  You?
“Parent Teacher Conferences.  Any development on the cover letter?”
“Not much.  Made a decision on the cake?”
“Lord, no.”


“We,” Margot strikes a pose, “are warrior poets.”
“Damn straight.”

With only slightly less impressive hair.

2 thoughts on “Scene From Last Night”

  1. Cover letters are so dumb. Drive me insane. The only sensible purpose for them is to let people see your writing skills, but they seriously should have you write on a more interesting subject matter than the generic garbage that is typically put in them.

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