Le Sigh

“I don’t have pet peeves.  I have whole kennels of irritation.”
– Whoopi Goldberg

I have been home and back at work for only two days, but I am already in the tiniest, littlest, most miniscule fight with the cosmos.  It’s a small thing really: just our car needing $600 worth of repairs.  This is the same car that required $1500 this past September.  I’ve retaliated like a grownup – dramatically glaring at my bank account and (continuing to) refuse to unpack my suitcase, but for essentials, until the weekend.

All I can say, darlings, is that it’s a bloody good thing my vacation was so relaxing because if it had not been, Aunty C. might be in a bit of a strop.  And we wouldn’t want that, would we, universe?

4 thoughts on “Le Sigh”

  1. ugh, how frustrating. i’m also dealing with ridiculousness (of the academic variety, on this side) today. feel free to call me any time; we need to catch up anyway and i’d be happy to hear you rant!

  2. Gross. I suggest a very swift kick to every single tire. That’s a mature, thoughtful response, n’est-ce-pas?

    I am about to face a $600 dental bill and possibly a $3,800 (!!!) bill for the anesthesia for my hip replacement. Not like I can scrimp on that, huh?

  3. Oh, that sucks. I vividly remember crying, stroking the wheel, and begging my old car to “Be nice, already!”. A broken down car is a bummer. A big repair bill is worth an hour or two of little girl weeping!

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