Hi Again

“New Year’s Day – now is the accepted time to make your annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”
– Mark Twain

Hello and Happy New Year, kittens!  I have missed our little chats, and I’m sure I should be sorry for neglecting you, but the truth is, I’m not.  Not in the slightest.  I spent nearly two weeks in Virginia with all my siblings (for once!), my parents, Marie and her husband (who spent Christmas with us, aren’t I lucky?), and my husband.  Marie took pictures, and thank goodness because I never remember to, go check them out.  There was shameless amounts of cuddling, lots of games, and way too much food.  Perfect.

The boys went shooting, J. and I spent a couple of days helping Dad clear the land (our “estate” is looking more impressive all the time) and playing with the dogs, and the girls baked up a storm.  We watched movies, slept late, and dined when we damn well pleased.  The Christmas Eve roast was perfect, as were the pies.  J. was conscripted for some heavy labor in moving some furniture around for my parents, whose collection of Asian antiques still is Not Quite Right, even after two years of shuffling it all around (to say nothing of that tiny little earthquake a while back), and helping Dad hang the two deer he and Buddy bagged from the rafters of the garage.  It was lovely.

On New Year’s Day Gio drove us to D.C. and we had a lovely evening out on the town with Peregrine, who graciously put us up for the night and took us to the airport the next morning.  Seeing her always does me good.  She’s a city girl extraordinaire who took us to one of José Andrés’ amazing restaurants, who she claimed spiritually “communes with Brussels sprouts,” and as usual, she was right.  If ever you get the pleasure of dining there, try them roasted.  Trust me.

Now I’m back at home, again husbandless but still happy.  You know it’s been a good vacation when going back to work after a day spent in the airports doesn’t seem entirely like drudgery. I have a refrigerator to stock, friends to see, and things to do.  My life, for all that I complain about it is very, very good and I’m lucky to have it.

So, here’s to good holidays, good friends, good times, and hopefully a good year in 2012.  And here’s to you, ducklings.  Better, cleverer, funnier, lovelier minions there never were.  Small Dog and Co. wish you all the best.  Let’s keep up the adventures in 2012.

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