*Checks Watch *Panics

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.”
– Garrison Keillor

Merciful turkey and stuffing, I have so much to do!

I’d never lie to you, kittens, it hasn’t felt very holiday-y this year so far with J. gone.  The holidays for me are really all about traditions, but we haven’t really developed any of our own so far.  Being young, relatively poor, and childless, we have never really felt the urge to decorate our flat with various wreaths or garlands, preferring instead to hang out with friends and family who transform their abodes into festive wonderlands.   We live in a desert, meaning that raking leaves is sort of out.  I have an unbreakable rule that I will not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (one holiday at a time, people).  With just me to feed, massive amounts of baking seems excessive.  So, sans any sort of holiday-ish things to do, and minus husband, here we are two days out from Thanksgiving, and I feel as if the season has rather snuck up on me.

I only really processed that Thanksgiving was this week yesterday and was immediately beset by holiday panic.  A gift list was assembled and purchases are being made!  Hot chocolate or spiced tea is being taken with every meal!  An outfit has been selected for Thanksgiving Dinner (which, incidentally will be enjoyed at Marie’s house)!

I am on this!

After all, I’m literally a month away from seeing my husband, which will make the present ever.  (All together now, “Awww…”)

What are your plans for the season, my partridges?  And have you fallen a bit behind the times like me?  How do you get in the holiday spirit?

4 thoughts on “*Checks Watch *Panics”

  1. I remember discussing what we should establish for our holiday traditions. However, the great lesson has been that one shouldn’t stress on creating holiday traditions. Holiday traditions are not created. They are remembered. So, whatever you remember that was good about last year, and you repeat again this year, that is your tradition–if you go to the trouble to repeat it. They go through a wonderful Darwinian winnowing all by themselves that leaves you with an abundance of ‘great traditions’ in a very short time.

    Even little spontaneous things can get repeated.

    However, here is something worth stressing over: I think that women are the keepers of custom, especially at holidays. So, if they neglect to repeat the feel-good things that do or should or will exist in their home/family our whole culture is damaged.

  2. ooooh, I like Tori’s idea!

    I bought 3 sparkly leaves in shades of brown and strung them on a satin ribbon and just taped them to our apartment door…too early for Xmas-sy stuff but wanting something festive. I’ll be spending T-day with friends of a friend (people I’ve never met) as the hubby is (of course) working that day. LOVE the news biz…

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