Can I Pintrest You in the Following?

“Dear me, how pintresting…”
– Facebook status of an unnamed friend

So, I mentioned my new found addiction to Pintrest (compounded by an unusually low crime rate and therefore low paperwork rate at work).  But even a good thing comes with hiccups, my pumpkins, and amidst the plethora of recipes, funny links, and project ideas, are some very weird things indeed.  So, because it’s Friday afternoon and we’re all tired and feeling the tiniest bit snarky (don’t deny it), I submit for your pleasure some of the more odd things I’ve discovered surfing the site this week:

Do you, for example, get tired rushing about during your busy workday?  The modern world is a tiring thing, piglets, and we must take time to rest and recuperate.  “But, C.,” I hear you asking, “how, if I am so busy, am I to take a nap?”  Simple, my friends!  Use this thingy.

It's apparently called an ostrich pillow. For those time when you need to bury your head (and dignity) in the sand.


















Or!  Are you a helpless lass being chased by brigands (through the highlands of Scotland apparently…) suddenly in need of help?  Behold, my lady, your weapon:

I hardly need tell you that I'm all about saftey and protecting yourself, right, ladies? But something that looks like a gun might inflame the situation. Alternatively a pink gun will definitely confuse the blackguard before you unleash a world of hurt on him.
















Finally, as we all know cats are a naturally aquatic species, but sometimes need a little help when getting tossed into the pond.  Protect your feline with the following:

Armed with the flotation power of soda bottles, your cat can't possible be upset about you chucking him into the lake. Cat owners care.

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