Honors and Accolades

“I love awards, especially if I get them.”
– Ben Gazzara

Leila, a fellow admin assistant and writer and cyber pal, gave me the Liebster Blog award!  Thanks, darling!

In time honored tradition, I must now pass it on to other deserving people I follow religiously on Google Reader, who I think you should know too!

  1. Janssen at Everyday Reading.  Book reviewer, librarian, mother, and (as far as I can tell) gourmet chef.  We met at university long ago and reconnected over the internet years later; I’ve been bowled over by her awesomeness ever since.
  2. Sarah at Mattawa Mum.  Just your average English girl living on the West Coast.  Sarah is another university mate and insanely talented woman who shares recipes for (among other things) English favorites like meat pies and Yorkshire puddings.
  3. Lauren of Little Farmhouse in the Big City.  Lauren, who I met over a summer program in Washington DC and New York, and has since worked in all sorts of digital media, including a magazine.  And still, in spite of this, found time to buy a house and now renovates it to her heart’s content.  Her adventures with home, food, and friends, make decorating my Someday House seem much less intimidating.
  4. Tori from The Ramblings.  A girl  I have never met but for online, but who has been known to make me fall out of my chair laughing at work.  Much to the confusion of my comrades.
  5. Jooj from Paris Is Always A Good Idea.  Though I also don’t know this one personally, she is a friend of Peregrine, so I feel some sort of affinity.  She and her German husband are pursuing (more) degrees at Oxford, after working with underprivileged women in Brazil for some time.

Thanks again for the shoutout, Leila.  Now, readers, go forth.  Minions, meet impressive bloggers and friends.  Friends, minions.  Charmed!

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