The End of the World – And I Feel Fine

“And after this there is void.  Absolutely nothing…except, of course, for the sweet trolley and our fine selection of Aldebaran liqueurs.  And now, at the risk of putting a damper on the wonderful sense of doom and futility here, well I’d like to welcome a few parties.”
– Douglas Adams

Barring those who have, in fact, been living under rocks you will no doubt be aware that according to some, the End Times kick off tomorrow.  Sorry about those brand new, still green bananas you bought and the fact that you just cleaned your house.  I, for one, am disappointed.  Where are the zombies?!

Editor’s Note:  Here they are.  In theory.  I wish more survival classes had been taught with a dash of humor.

In any event, no I am not one of those who thinks the world will collapse into the screaming blackness of nothing tomorrow morning.  But it’s a slow day at work, minions, and so Wise and I banded together and sold Susie on the idea of an End of the World/Zombie Apocalypse/It’s Friday party.  Cupcakes provided.

Anyone have a good “End of the World” story to share?  Here’s one.  My family never freaked out about Y2K and generally found the panic rather funny.  A couple neighbors tried to warn us of the perils that awaited (some religious, some not) but we politely thanked them for their concern and went along as usual.  The evening of December 31st, my parents went off to their normal New Years’ Eve party and Peregrine came over to help me babysit my siblings.  After they’d gone to bed we stayed up watching old monster movies (Godzilla featured heavily) and black and white films.  When midnight came we annoyed all our neighbors by running into the yard and shouting, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Then, quite suddenly, there was a massive, crashing roll of thunder right over our house and a crack of lightening.  We glanced at each other.
“D’you think…?”
“Nope.  But…”
“Back inside?”

See you Monday, kittens.

2 thoughts on “The End of the World – And I Feel Fine”

  1. Ha! I remember your inviting me to that exact party (in our awesome notebook, of course) and my telling you I’d be on the train, to which you replied, “YOU’RE SPENDING Y2K ON A TRAIN?!?! but this party is going to be UNRIVALLED!!!” …which apparently it was.

    Now, I’m REALLY looking forward to Apocalypse 2012…it seems to have the best PR team, and therefore will have the best People-Acting-Crazy factor. Perhaps our long-awaited Haunting Part Deux can happen then, on grander proportions…

    also you seriously need a post about the Haunting on here. WordPress would be crazy not to Freshly Press the likes of THAT! 😉

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