Weekend Wrap-up and Coming Week Countdown

“A host is like a general: calamities often reveal his genius.”
– Horace

There is very little that can crush the spirit of Small Dog, minions, but taking one’s car in to be serviced and having what one has long suspected confirmed as true – it needs new tires – is a spiritual and financial blow.  I handed over the credit card with clear eyes and teeth clenched.  It’s awfully hard to keep improving one’s savings when one’s car decides to be disagreeable.

And I absolutely did not mistake cyanide for baking powder. Enjoy!

And then, because my cup was not yet full, we had a couple of people visit from the parish yesterday.  I was just finishing up dicing cheeses and fruits to broil on french bread slices (Palm Sunday pretensions, kittens, because I was in no mood to cook a full meal) when they knocked.  I figured they wouldn’t be staying too long so I’d let the oven heat up while they visited.  Ten minutes later, I smelled burning and realized that I had left my pizza stone in the oven and that the oils in it were beginning to smoke.  The fire alarm went off.  All the windows had to be open.  I joked and laughed the whole thing off, but I was secretly mortified.

That pizza stone (which has given me no end of angst) is now at the bottom of the trash bin.  Cheap pieces of….

J. has only one more final and then we are done (free!) with his undergraduate degree!  Thursday and Friday are his graduation celebrations, and then we throw ourselves full time into grad school preparation – in spite of car related financial irritations.

How was your weekend, my loves?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up and Coming Week Countdown”

  1. when our transmission died on Christmas Eve, we comforted ourselves that $1600 for a new one is much less painful than $16,000 for a new car. 😉 love those tires, C.

  2. I swear when it rains it poors. Yuck! Good luck with the tires, we’ve done that recently too…on our Jeep. Those puppies were NOT cheap. I’m sad ya’ll’re leavin’ so soon and we haven’t played more, but we’re way excited for you. Good luck, also, with the grad school prep! Let us know if you need anything, eh?

  3. Buying new tired bites. It is a most unsatisying purchase considering the amount that comes out of the bank account. We’re about due for a new set as well, and we just bought new ones last year! Guess that’s one of the downsides to moving back and forth between states in one year.

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