Hand Me That Paper Bag, Dear? Thank You. AUGHHHH!

“A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that ‘individuality’ is the key to success.”
~ Robert Orben

I’m calm.  I’m collected.  I’m poised.

I’m freaking out.

Today makes it officially one month until J.’s graduation.  Which means that it’s only five months until we’re off to grad school on the opposite side of the country/world.  Which means we’re 14 months away from being done with school entirely.  Which means we have to grow up, I suppose.

That coherrent look? The product of caffeine, pain killers, and my good friend there holding me upright.

I remember being almost entirely apathetic about my own graduation.  Granted, I just got home from a summer “study abroad” to the UK 24 hours previous to the ceremony and was jet-lagged out of my mind.  The only reason I participated in the whole cap-and-gown circus was because my parents happened to be in the country visiting friends and family and could actually show up.  They took pictures, met J. for the first time, and took us all and my godparents out to breakfast.  Fin.

Thus I’m much more excited about his graduation.  But just don’t let me think about what comes next…because there is too much to do and I’ll start hyperventilating.  Again.

3 thoughts on “Hand Me That Paper Bag, Dear? Thank You. AUGHHHH!”

  1. Where are you going and for how long?

    All major change is potentially terrifying, but also cool. I went off to Paris for an 8-month fellowship when I was 25, leaving behind career, dog, live-in boyfriend, everything and everyone I knew. I cried so hard I could barely strand up, knowing I would — as I did — return to a very different life as a very different person.

    Best year of my life. Ever.

    Even my not-so-hot-follow-the-boyfriend-to-middle-of-nowhere move to (shriek) NH had some upsides. Like, I sure found out I am not a rural gal! Sometimes finding out what you don’t want is terribly clarifying.

  2. Seems like you need to call me. I remember feeling that same way exactly one year ago. Time for some C-Venice time to make it allllll better.

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