Top Score

“Creditor. One of a tribe of savages dwelling beyond the Financial Straits and dreaded for their desolating incursions.”
– Ambrose Bierce

As J. and I contemplate and plot for grad school, by far the biggest question we have is, “How in Pluto’s dark depths are we going to pay for this?!”  The response is, of course, financial aid and debt.  Out of curiosity and as a way to start looking into loans, we decided to get our credit scores.

Both are excellent…but mine is four points higher!

C. – 1
J. – 0

6 thoughts on “Top Score”

    1. You can request it from any of the bureaus, agencies, or business that specialize in tracking it (we used experian). There is generally a fee (we paid $7), but we felt it was worth it to know what our score was before we approached the government and banks for money. It’s wise to know what you bring to the table.

      1. if you do one of the free credit report websites you can get all three for free, you just have to call up and cancel your 30 day free trial or they charge you $15 a month.

        all three of the credit agencies will also give you your credit report for free (sans number) once a year. The $7 is usually for the number.

        If you remember to cancel the top one is the way to go, then the free reports are good to know what sort of accounts you have out in good/bad standing.

  1. There is actually a legitimate way to get a free credit from each of the 3 agencies once a year, without signing up for any programs, paying a fee, or having to cancel anything. It’s I’ve used it twice now to get my credit reports, so I can also verify that it is legitimate and that there are no hidden charges. If you want more than one credit report a year, however, you have to start paying.

  2. Ok, to clarify, the free credit report does not include your actual “number,” that’s true enough; I just saw my number when we moved here and my landlord had it in his paperwork. =). But it does give you an up-to-date picture of all of your accounts of credit, and it will tell you if there’s any suspicious activity, or anything you can do to improve your credit.

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