Some Perfidious Fiend…

“We should start a witch-hunt!’
– Daisy

Currently wailing in sackcloth over this thing...

…stole my favorite kitchen implement ever, my orange peeler!  The niftiest thing ever invented for a consummate citrus lover.  I left it with an orange to chill in our (fortified and limited access) dispatch room’s refrigerator and when I returned a couple hours later, it, my orange, several salad dressing packagers, and a bag of carrot sticks had been snatched.

In spite of the jokes and sitcom stories of this sort of thing, this is my first incident of food being stolen in nearly 3 years of office work.  Also, what sort of ruffian steals healthy food from the office fridge?  Aren’t the soda cans labeled “Property of T-Dawg” and the “secret” candy bars in the freezer usually the first to go?

So, orange peeler thief, you’re on notice.  Either return it unharmed and be spared, or suffer the vicious voodoo curse I am prepared to unleash on you!

5 thoughts on “Some Perfidious Fiend…”

    1. None of the kitchen stores in the area have them, I looked! The only way I got this was because a friend was having a Pampered Chef party and I could order one.

  1. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find an orange peeler. The theft of your peeler and your lunch is not only an injustice to yourself, but also an injustice to society! Not to mention you work at a police department! We must not take this lying down. Fight, I say, fight!

  2. P.S.
    You could call Sur La Table and ask if they carry citrus peelers. Or maybe Williams Sonoma. Either store would require a bit of a drive for you, though.

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