Riddle Me This

“I was so cold the other day, I almost got married.”
– Shelley Winters

There is a strange American phenomenon that has yet to be satisfactorily explained to me: the wearing of coats, or rather lack thereof.

Even when it’s freezing there will be hordes of people in shorts, opened toed shoes, and mere t-shirts, shivering in the biting wind.  When the rain pours down, I seldom see umbrellas, just lots of people with their collars turned up against the torrent or huddled in on themselves in misery.

It’s far below freezing throughout most of the country, certainly in our University town – why on earth are these children wandering about half naked?

Mere hours ago, they walked and lived with us. A tragic end.

10 thoughts on “Riddle Me This”

  1. I believe that the BYU students blew their clothing budgets on caffeinated sodas and late night pizza. Or it could be poverty by college text book prices. OR Darwinism.

  2. I think calling that an “American” phenomenon is a little overstating the fact. It’s a Provo thing. Here in Fargo…EVERYONE is where a jacket and boots. In CA where I grew up, 50 degrees meant everyone was in a jacket.

    1. Likely true. But I’m judging from living overseas too. You can always pick out the tourist by what they’re not wearing and should be. Americans abroad never have cold/wet weather gear, even ones who are living or stationed in the country for years at a time.

      I would imagine that people in Fargo are LOADS more sensible about such things anyway!

  3. In Oregon there’s hardly a time in the winter/spring that it’s NOT raining, so we do without umbrellas. In fact, you can usually pick out the non native Oregonians by the presence of an umbrella and proper shoes. Go figure.

  4. Guilty. I remember walking to campus in flip flops thinking, “Well it’s not currently snowing” only for it to start on my way there.

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