Observations of a Grump

“Common sense is not so common.”

bad dayA couple things that I noticed today because I’m (still) in a rather bad mood and grouchy towards the silliness of my job.  Such an attitude invariably spills over into other aspects of life and I do recognize that I need to snap out of it soon.  I’ll put on rose colored glasses again shortly, but meanwhile I’m still way too irritated!

1) In spite of the hiring freeze the University has imposed on every department, they were still able to give all employees a raise, which was rather lovely.  However it was my job to individually calibrate and apply said raise to all 150+ of our student employees, which was rather horrible.  And despite several emails to student employee supervisors warning them that this project would take several days  and that they would have to get any other wage changes to me before then, a pile of “so-sorry-I’m-late-but-it’-just-been-crazy-and-don’t-you-look-nice-today-could-you-possibly-help-me-out” paperwork stealthily grew on my desk.  Which was rather irritating, but manageable.  However, today a new bunch of supervisor raises appeared on my desk and one kid, when you add up all his raises together, is getting a 10% wage increase because (and this I quote from the supervisor comment section of the form), “He has improved very much.  He now diligently wears black socks.”  This kid will end up making nearly as much as me because he has finally learned to match his footwear to the black shoes, pants, and belt his uniform requires?!  (*teeth grind*)

2) Even after many requests, nigh unto begging, they still will not update the office website!  Currently people trying to muddle through our new (still now quite functioning) parking monitoring program call the number listed on the parking and traffic website…which sends them straight to my phone.  However hearing, “University police,this is C.,” tends to make people start panicking a little.  (*head shake*)

duh_award13) And it’s not just work being ridiculous!  Driving to work today I heard a commercial.  “The current credit crunch and recession making it hard for you to buy a car or house?  Something drastic must be done!  We have bailout money for YOU YOU YOU!  Good credit, bad, credit, no credit?  High income, low income?  Doesn’t matter, you WILL be approved for your big purchase!”

Now…wasn’t it the poor decisions on the part of lenders/banks/credit companies to lend people money that they didn’t qualify for (coupled with people thinking that their actual income should not be a factor in purchases)  that got this country in the financial mess it’s in?  (*facepalm*)

There!  I finally feel purged of the angst!  At least, I’ve complained myself hoarse, and that tends to make for a bad dinner conversation, I’m pretty sure my poor in-laws got an ear-full of it sunday night, to say nothing of my long-suffering husband!  I’m grabbing dinner with Catriona tonight who apparently has much to gossip about, (but won’t even give me any hints as to what, the minx!) so I have to be in prime perked ears position.  Vent-fest over.

4 thoughts on “Observations of a Grump”

  1. oh oh! my favorite commercial – ’cause you’re not QUITE irritated enough – is the one about getting rid of your credit card debt where the announcer says, “it’s not your fault!”

    wait. what?

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