But I’m Le Tired!

“We should get up.”
-C. and Peregrine

weekendWhen I was a student weekends were for professional procrastination, the deliberate putting off of what we could do today until tomorrow.  Unless it was the weekend before a paper or test, in which case it was a frantic mess of studying, typing, the hot chocolate by the cupload (I prefer sugar to caffeine).  But ever since joining the post-undergraduate workforce, I cannot think of anything less relaxing than a weekend!  Even if they are fun, they are exhausting.  

Peregrine came into town to visit this weekend, YEAH!  She’s making the rounds visiting friends, but crashing at my place.  Thanks to her I think I’ve eaten more calories in the last two days than a small third world country sees in a year, due to our mutual love of heavy cream, french cheeses, and chocolate.  Bad… 

 I saw my godbrother Pieter for the last time in two years, he’s going to be in Belgium (where I used to live!  Eating the waffles I love!  And I’m nowhere around!) doing missionary work.  He’s going to do a lot of good, I know, but I’m going to miss him!  Fairy threw an amazing soiree for him on sunday with waffles as the main event (very cute) to see him off and I was over at their house for six hours.  (In other godfamily news, little Elle is four months old and adorable!  She’s obviously her father’s daughter; for the first two years I knew GBIL every photo I’d seen of him he was sticking his tongue out.  And when I was playing with Elle yesterday she gave me one of her big full body smiles…and stuck her tongue out at me.  She looked so like him that I burst out laughing.  I can’t believe she’s so big.)

I also got some shopping done over the weekend, got a haircut, did my weekly library raid, watched two movies from my list, contemplated (but then rejected) the idea of doing laundry, straighted my flat, paid bills, and balanced my budget.  And now I’m back at work.  Bleh.

2 thoughts on “But I’m Le Tired!”

  1. Haha, I was just thinking that my weekends are far more exhausting than my week and that now I have to try and catch up on all the sleep I didn’t get over the weekend.

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