Goofs of the Week

-Homer Simpson

Oops!– In a previous post I stated that my weight was between 155 and 120…that should have been a 115.  Oops. 
– On tuesday morning I was so rushed getting ready that I leaped out of the shower, toweled off, and started to put on lotion…when I realized I’d only shaved one of my legs.  Oops.
– Last sunday I got ready for church, but when I showed up no one was there…apparently they changed the time for Easter service.  Oops.
– Wednesday night J. and I went to meet with our wedding photographer, but I hadn’t eaten anything in hours and was pretty dehydrated.  I ended up nearly passing out on the way home and was so shaky afterwards (even after eating) that I spent half an hour aggravating my downstairs neighbors by dropping everything I touched.  Oops.  And sorry!

It’s been a busy week!  Aside from me being a goofball I’ve had more wedding crap to finalize, a bridal shower for my friend Raccoon, and a crazy past weekend.  And this weekend isn’t going to be restful in the slightest because my oldest friend Peregrine is coming into town and crashing at my place!  And if you think we’re getting any sleep, you’re nuts!

2 thoughts on “Goofs of the Week”

  1. I can’t wait to hear what shenanigans ensue when you are sleep deprived in addition to food and drink deprivation. 🙂 Hope you are having a blast. You only get married once (ideally).

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