Yes, We Get It, I’m Short!

“Well, we’re going to have to hem quite a lot.  Let’s put your shoes on and see if that helps?  …Not really…”

I have to pay HOW much for the ability to walk?
I have to pay HOW much for the ability to walk?

Could someone please explain how the alterations for a wedding dress cost half as much as the dress itself?  Does this seem right?  I don’t care if they have to take three yards off the bottom so I can walk (slight exaggeration), it still seems horrendously exorbitant!  On the upside, it’s still a gorgeous dress, and I saved it from near ruin.  When I went in to get it altered the seamstresses were working on the same dress for another girl…and they had turned it into some sort of Jane-Austen-wanna-be-meets-prom-dress-gone-horribly wrong mistake.  I am not spending money on something like this only to have it turned into some monstrosity.  Gah, what an escape!

One thought on “Yes, We Get It, I’m Short!”

  1. Sadly, the reason your alterations cost 1/2 as much as the dress is probably because the dress was made by four year olds getting paid 3 cents an hour while working in horrific conditions. Your seamstress in an adult working in a pleasant shop that has to be nice enough for you to actually enter.

    Alternately, your alterations cost 1/2 as much as your dress because you were thrifty and purchased a used dress from someone. They paid the astronomic $3,000 wedding dress cost. They wore it once, had it professionally cleaned and then sold it for a fraction of the price.

    Wedding costs suck. I wish I had eloped.

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