‘Tis the Season!

“So, I need a present for J.’s parents, one that hopefully says “Hi-thanks-for-tolerating-me-and-being-so-nice-when-I-occasionally-show-up-and-also-tactfully-disregarding-the-fact-that-I-make-out-with-your-son-on-a-fairly-regular-basis.”  I went with assorted nuts and candy, what do you think?”
-C. in a dithering panic to TenFour

I loved spending Thanksgiving at my godparents house, Fairy is without doubt the best godmother in existence, but right now all of the rest, relaxation, and general zen-ness of my holiday is gone.  As Fairy ran errands, mostly with me in tow, a powerful sense of urgency began creeping up and before I could stop it, it pounced.  Holiday Hyperactivity.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift?
I'm ridiculously on top of things this year. Santa had better be watching!

Growing up my mother sort of fell into a vortex right around Halloween and didn’t resurface until Three Kings’ Day, panting with exhaustion.  I never really understood why as a kid.  Halloween = candy, Thanksgiving = pie, and Christmas = candy canes.  ‘Nuff said.  But as I got older and started to see how much work goes into putting the holidays together, I started to appreciate her work.  And then I got involved and now I too start to quiver in excitement when it’s time to bake and brew and decorate.  So much for my mother’s feminist example, we practically turn into elves come December 1.  This year marks a milestone in that I mapped out what I wanted to get everyone, where to get it, and a timetable to get stuff in, taking into account paychecks, plane tickets to London, and sale dates.  I’m disgusted with myself.  But this is the first year that I actually have this sort of money and I love being able to do it.

Some people look adorable while plotting.  I am not one of them!
Some people look adorable while plotting. I am not one of them! (Editor's note: Small Dog is in no way affiliated with a Grinchy attitude towards Christmas!)

Getting presents is weird for me, I don’t usually like it, but I love giving them.  Venice and I already exchanged presents because we have to be two of the most impatient people on the planet.  I’ve bought my godfamily’s prezzies, half of my siblings’, and a couple of friends.  I bought J.’s parents their present too, harmless holiday treats.  I didn’t want to get them something stupid and worthless that they’d probably hate but be required to keep until J. wises up and kicks me to the curb, so I went with something edible.  But ironically I have no idea what to get my mother, my sister Peregrine, or J..  Arguably three of the most important people in my life.  Thank goodness for the Ghost of Christmas Shopping Guidance that allowed for a few sparks of genius in finding Tink’s, Marie’s, and Kays’! 

I think Venice and I should throw a holiday party, but there’s less than three weeks to throw something like that together.  Plus I have to get shopping done.  Then I’m probably going to want to cook some goodies since I won’t get home until Christmas Eve and will need sugar to propel me through the next three weeks.  Good grief, do I even have wrapping paper?!

Vortex, ho!

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season!”

  1. I hate that you’ve gotton my present figured out, and I’m still waiting for a wave of genius to hit so that I know what to get you.

  2. The new format completely threw me off.

    Good luck with the mixed nuts, wouldn’t be my first pick but I haven’t met the ‘rents. Isn’t Christmas shopping a joy? Nothing like the feeling of “No matter what I get you, I have a hunch you’re going to think it sucks.”

  3. Seriously! Shopping for people you barely know is not fun. Shopping for people you don’t when you’re dating their son is a painfully precise science!

    As to the format, it was time for a change, I needed something to reflect that I’m no longer as technologically retarded as once I was.

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