Ladies in Waiting

“She needs to come out.  Go hop on the trampoline.”

To be honest
To be honest, Miracle of Life though it may be, nothing about this process sounds fun past Step 1

I’m surrounded by pregnant friends.  My godsister and her husband are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their offspring, referred to thus far as Spud.  GS looks ready to have baby here, but unfortunately is still two weeks away from her due date and GBIL is constantly poking her stomach and telling her to hurry up.  We’re hoping Spud decides to put in an early appearance.  Goodness knows she’s going to be the cutest godniece ever, she’s had four baby showers so far so she’ll be at the height of fashion!

Tink is also expecting.  She and her husband Gem are 90% positive that their spawn will be called Driver, but they’re waiting to see what the tyke looks like before making any rash decisions.  Unlike GBIL, Gem doesn’t seem to be chomping at the bit to get his spawn out into the world, but Tink is ready.  Very.  Ready.  Chief is saying (facetiously we hope) that she should have Maybe Driver at the station so we can use her for EMT training.  Maybe Driver doesn’t seem inclined to acquiesce.

Kent, who moved (also to Washington, without telling me!) is six months pregnant and doesn’t even show.  Completely unfair.  If ever I decide to spawn there is a good chance that I will literally be wider than I am tall…

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