Dynamic Duo

“Figaro?  It’s us.  So, we’re trying to start the car.  And we can’t.”
“Is this the blonde or the brunette?”
“Um, both?”
“Which one’s behind the wheel?”
“The brunette.”
-Tink and Lt. Figaro

Snippet of a phone conversation that actually took place when Tink and I had to go pick up uniforms from the laundry.  Tink (the blonde) was riding shotgun since Maybe Driver, still swimming somewhere above her pelvis, gets in the way of her using a steering wheel.  We’re both smart and resourceful…why was starting a car escaping us? 

Equally incompetent it turns out...
Equally incompetent it turns out...

Turns out that this particular piece of equipment only turns on when the steering wheel is at a particular angle, after you’ve done the required dance through the cabalistic circle to conjure the car gods.  No one told us!  By the time we got back this had made it’s way through the office.

I had my revenge.  Being 4’11” I have to move the seat as far up and forward as it will go (or else have an Indiana Jones moment and strap bricks to my shoes).  Lt. Figaro, who is well over a hundred pounds heavier and more than a foot taller than me, called me moments after he left for the gym with an indignant growl of, “I am surrounded by tiny women!  Took me ten minutes to fix my seat and mirrors!”  Nyah nyah!

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Duo”

  1. Hate to break it to you, every car has that feature if you put it into the lock position: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070615213434AAlgVJD It’s called the steering wheel lock. I don’t really know what the heck the purpose of it is, but if your car is off and you play around with the steering wheel you’ll run into the same problem.

    Random side note, is it possible to use html in the reply section to create links in my comments? I think it’s so tacky not creating links rather than posting the url.

  2. Did you know that your blog gives me joy? Well, your blog gives me joy. It also gives me unparalleled viewage into your T.V. worthy world.

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