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If you do it twice it’s a tradition, right?

“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
― Seán O’Casey

It’s months ago now, but it’s never a bad moment to revisit Shakespeare at midnight, right?

 photo midnight1_zps5u8ymdmt.jpg

The midnight matinees at The Globe have become one of my favorite summer traditions for us (see disclaimer in the title) since moving here. It never matters that the city is dark or that the audience is caffeinated to a silly degree, the MMs are some of the best times I’ve had at the theatre in my life.

 photo midnight2_zpsyzk7oilt.jpg

Last summer’s play was “As You Like It,” and while it didn’t really compare to the bloodbath (on stage and within the audience!) that was Titus Andronicus of the year before, who doesn’t love a nice gender-bending romp in the forests of Belgium!

 photo midnight3_zps4flhnuqv.jpg

Groundlings milling as the bell is rung to summon us into the round

 photo midnight4_zps5xraxced.jpg

Meanwhile The Globe is as gorgeous as it ever was.

 photo midnight6_zpsskojutax.jpg

Some of that aforementioned caffeine may have been imbibed but yours truly…

 photo midnight5_zps9pkey7jq.jpg

To cap off the evening we made the acquaintance of a red-coated gentleman who was hanging out outside the Tate Modern, sublimely unaffected by the humans milling about, high off the Immortal Bard. An excellent night all around, and it’s not even a question about whether we’re going back this year. After all, if twice is a tradition, three times must make it legally binding or something!