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A New Week and…GAH!

“Alright, just stop panicking.”
“Who said anything about panicking?  This is still just the culture shock.”
– The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Last week was a trial, kittens.  No question of it.  But J., perhaps sensing my deep inner need to hurt something, wisely diffused me by taking me out twice, once to my favorite restaurant and to see a movie (Easy A. Quite funny.  Go see it).  And so, having lost my initial hatred for humanity, I had very little choice but to be happy and content over the weekend.

This week is going to be much calmer and less interesting…

Oh wait.  J. has three interviews with Big Four firms, we have three business receptions to go to pre-interviews, he’s got two major tests, and we’re flying out to California to celebrate the adoption of our little nephew being finalized.  So, with the exception of that happy last item on the list, this week is going to largely impact the rest of our professional lives.  And of course, J. and I are both coming down with something.

Shut up.

*Breathes into paper bag*