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Scene of the Crimes

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”
– Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

It’s been a busy day prepping for the Fourth tomorrow, so here are a few smidgins of evidence that we’re alive, kicking and living it up. Yeah, I know.  I’m shocked I thought to take pictures too…

The other groomsmen and myself from Flyboy’s wedding. My dress was still too big after alterations, but tis the life of the petite female. It wasn’t my wedding, so who cared about my dress! Weddings are a lot less stressful when they aren’t your own.  Those guys were charming, by the way.  Flyboy clearly knows how to collect good friends (*wink).

We live in a notorious marriage mart of a town, but clearly things didn’t work out typically for this gentleman…  And apparently he has very cruel friends or relationships.  Snagged this sad gem in a local parking lot.
Heading out to my car for work this morning, I was startled by a roaring sound above my head. It turned out to be a low drifting balloon from a local July 4th festival (which apparently happened on the 3rd). Believe it or not it was much lower to start with, I had to scrambled in my purse for the camera a bit and the balloon had risen by the time I fished it out. These were all over the sky this morning.
That’s, um, not a cloud. Half of the country is on fire, in case you hadn’t noticed, and apparently so is the city a bit up from us. We’ll keep an eye on this one, I think.