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“Oh…WOW…the eyebrows…”
“Nothing about those things are ok…”
-Hildegarde and C.

No, your friendly neighborhood Small Dog hasn’t shuffled off this mortal coil…she only wishes she had.

Ms. Small Dog...
Ms. Small Dog...

In my quest for all knowledge about U.S. Law Enforcement, and deep and abiding passion for all things criminal (the first part was sarcastic…the second not as much), I am being subjected to…I mean fortunately able to attend training with   Hennessy and Hildegarde.  None of us are particularly thrilled because Hildegarde has to be “trained” to use a database she’s been using for years, and Hennessy and I have to go to learn how to use the system to run background checks on people.  However, due to some things we learned this morning, Hennessy and I are worried that we aren’t going to legally be able to use this system to run the kind of background checks Chief and Sgt. M want us to.  In fact such a use of this system seems to bring snarling FBI agents down like locusts. 

However, in spite of my grumblings there are the odd perks of an all-day-three-day training meeting in the city.  The first is obviously that I get out of the office for nearly a week, the second is that with travel time tacked on I’m getting all sorts of overtime, third is getting to wear jeans on the clock, and the last is the comedic value of the instructors! 

I am not even close to joking.  Can you imagine this a bit more Queen-ed up?  That's our man!
I am not even close to joking. Can you imagine this a bit more Queen-ed up? That's our man!

Metro Marko, as he is apparently named (I overheard a conversation), and his wife are expecting their first kid any second now.  However, and I jest not, the first time I clapped eyes on him I could have sworn he was a drag queen.  It wasn’t the tightness of the clothes, the painstakingly coiffed hair, or even the facial features (though they are suspect).  This man has eyebrows more finely plucked than my own, which lent him a Spock a la Nathan Lane in The Birdcage air. 

And in continuing poor fashion choices news, our other instructor has the Jon and Kate + – ⅝ √ Ω ∞ 8 mom haircut.  She’s trying to grow it out so she’s managed to make the reverse mullet look even worse.  She screams everything, especially her jokes, and says the same thing several times in a row.  Much to the class’ amusement!

All in all, the true downside of this class has been discovering that I’m nearly a month late in registering my car.  Blast!