November Moodboard

We’re down to the penultimate month of the weirdest year of my lifetime, and it’s gonna be a doozy.

Boris Johnson (finally) announced what we all knew was coming: Lockdown the Second is coming. COVID stats are now exceeding the “peak” in many metrics and once again a lot of powerful people are having to mumble miserably about this lasting longer than is politically convenient for them.

Meanwhile: America. Perhaps my cynicism is just out of control at this point, but anyone who thinks this week is going to bring some sort of resolution is delusional. If Trump wins, we get four more years of the corruption and ignorance that’s making all our societal problems worse. If Biden wins, he’s entering office in a hostile environment during a crisis.

Trump and his ilk aren’t just going to go quietly into that goodnight. He’s in office until January (and going to receive security briefings for the rest of his life, please remember) and since attention is his currency, he’ll continue to wreck havoc on Twitter and whatever his next grift is. My bet is a media company. And that’s before the actual militarized radicals and QAnons react which could span so many outcomes (and so many of them bad) that it makes my head spin.

Either way, if you’re thinking of Election Day or December 2nd (the end of British lockdown 2.0) as some kind of deadline…don’t. I know we’re all desperate to mark the passing of time, to reintroduce some sense of seasonailty to give us closure to various moments, and its exhausting that time has become a flat circle. But things are not going to be magically fixed, vanished, somehow put back “the way it was” if that’s something you want, or somehow magically institute your preferred ideal future. We need to keep going.

SO. This November, do what keeps you healthy and comforted. We’re streamlining the things that need to be done so that you can accomplish what you need while preserving your energy. If you’re still at home, make it as pleasant a place to be as possible. That food, makeup, wine, clothes, gift certificate, or whatever that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? This is it, pumpkins. Eat it, slap it on, gift yourself or someone else responsibly.

In closing:

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