Weekend Links – Buckle Up

Stay prayed up, kittens. Next week is going to be trippy in the extreme. Wear a mask. Look after other people as well as yourself and your own. Accept that life is tough right now and maybe doing the right thing is inconvenient, but do it anyway. Don’t confuse discomfort for oppression. Don’t give into bad faith attempts to draw you into conflict. Don’t argue or debate with people who aren’t actually concerned with hearing your POV and giving it a measure of respect. Save your energy. Wash your hands.

Deep breath.

And how I’m looking forward to it.

Friend of the Blog Caitlin’s latest piece on Americans choosing to move or live abroad in this day and age. Topical.

Amazing that such a historically documented (and still important in pop culture) event still has some secrets!

Why you may not “get” all the Hunter Biden “news”: you’re not supposed to unless you already live in the very specific media world it’s intended to appeal to. And as we have seen with QAnon and others, they will do the work of constructing the narrative they want for one another.

Alexa, show me irony.

Because this is the world we live in now.

Which is why actual journalism, with standards and verification credentials is more important than ever. It’s quite literally what separates it from tabloid gossip and propaganda.

Honestly, I’m living for the Duke of Sussex’s ability to speak personally and openly on difficult topics. I imagine it’s freeing. But I also appreciate his ability to apply nuance to his public statements, not least of all because he’s very open about how insular and unusual his perspectives are.

This news had Jeff riveted (he’s a Jazz man).

Dwight Schrute was a warning.

Finally, I have been obsessed with following this saga and there is a new chapter. First your refresher on the nuttery of Omegaverse, various copyrights related thereto, litigious authors…and a misfire!

And now, the exciting conclusion. Hopefully?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Links – Buckle Up”

    1. Yeah, there’s just…a lot going on. Evergreen sentiment I know, but some weeks are genuinely heavier than others.

      Safe and well over here, and hoping the same for you.

      1. There are definitely ups and downs, and weeks when more self-care is needed (Netflix, yoga and reading for me). I just finished Dear White People and I was so hooked that I watched three seasons within a couple of weeks. Impatient for the fourth and final season!

      2. That’s a weird pop culture downside of the times, we can mainline stuff and race through even large back catalogs really quickly. It’s the pettiest of first world problems, but when you consider that future production and release of a lot of things are also going to be delayed, entertainment is going to go through a weird time.

      3. True, there’s going to be a big backlog of unfinished entertainment releases. I guess filming won’t be able to resume on most series until next year.

        At least we have another season of The Crown to look forward to!

      4. YES! We truly are spoiled for choice – no one is complaining about living in the age of “too much TV” now, I notice…

  1. Thanks so much for the link! We may join the exodus if 45 wins again….the anxiety here (as you know) is OFF THE CHARTS. His crowd is ugly and mean and has stocked up on guns and ammo because…of course they have. They are actually boarding up shop windows in NYC and DC. Nice.

    Another element of “fake news” — obviously — is that too many people have no media literacy at all and mistake the very basics of journalism (asking tough questions of those in power, who make access extremely difficult all the time) for “being mean” as if this were Grade 5 recess.

    So sorry about your impending lockdown. Bojo is pathetic.

    1. Always a pleasure, it was such an interesting lead.

      YES TO MEDIA LITERACY. Swear to god it needs to be part of public curriculums!

      1. SO MUCH…People have really no understanding what journalism is. Some of it is terrific and some of it is terrible — and you need to be able to discern between them.

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