Weekend Links

This has been a crazy week. Work is nuts, the world is nuts, everything is nuts. But I remain thrilled about a few things, incensed about others. Share the news that made you sit up and take note this week in the comments, my doves. I love you all.

The Democratic Convention happened this week and it was surprising good given the myriad technical limitations, and downright creative in others. PBS NewsHour has the videos, including the speeches. The best piece of political theatre and sheer delight (thin on the ground in our current political times) was undoubtedly the rollcall!

Also, shoutout to Vote from Abroad for my fellow expats voting from afar – register, request your ballot, submit it early either by mail, email (if your state allows), or by checking out your embassy website.

What is COVID doing to the fashion industry? Lots.

Nope. Nope nope nope.

Several months old now, but I found this piece an interesting and bolstering read.

So all the obfuscations, the AG’s testimony, all the posturing…once again confirmed bullshit.

While Mueller received all the hype, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence kept its head down.”

A few pieces on one of my favorite themes: you need to understand online, meme, and fan culture to understand almost everything about the modern media and political landscape
1. Gaming and conspiracy theories
2. The role of Instagram aesthetics in spreading disinformation
3. Algorithmic media and the spread of bad info
4. Algorithmic media and the bizarre cult of personality/conflict (and its limitations)
5. Shutting the barn door, etc. etc.

these children look identical to me… (which is not at all the point of the story, but was a fact I got stuck on over and over again whilst reading the piece.

We’ve all but decided to pursue dual citizenship because we are increasingly persuaded that an American identity is more of an international hindrance than a help. Because yes, “America First” does kind of equate to “America alone” and I don’t trust enough of my countrymen to reach this conclusion quickly enough to avoid generational damage that I’d not to have to live with or pass on to any hypothetical children.

Most of the problems with our media landscape, summarized.

Hey look, some good news from the UK.


What is behind the “Karen” meme? An awful lot and understanding it is important. (Again, you HAVE to understand meme culture to understand any kind of discourse now.)

It’s been a while since J. Crew was in the news for a good reason, but more of this please, capitalism.

Eyes on Belarus, everyone, and support the citizens challenging the push of anti-democracy.

You have a whole bunch of people in the Senate posturing for 2024 rather than governing for the crisis we’re in.” Yeah. I buy this take.

These cretins aren’t even trying to hide it.

London (and other cities) are gonna change.

Okay team, this has been a bit of heavy post so let’s end with our Pop Goddest Whomst We Stan Carly Rae Jepsen and this blessing of a summer bop!

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