November Moodboard

I’m watching too many reruns of Poirot and Miss Marple, but we’re leaning in to tweed, knits, wide leg trousers and post-flapper aesthetics. Weirdly I’m craving deep rosewood colored lips and jewel tones…when I’m not wrapped in camel, gray, and black. Simple but effective is what I’m going for.

In and amongst this, I’m trying to make time for fitness and physicality. Screw daylight savings time and colder weather, it’s making me feel better in a season that feels overwhelming.

What are you in the mood for this month, poppets?

3 thoughts on “November Moodboard”

  1. Yes to fitness and physicality! It’s hard to get the motivation sometimes when it’s dark and cold outside (and rainy…such a rainy autumn this year!) but the endorphins are worth it.

    I’m considering signing up for membership at a climbing gym. I’ve climbed a few times and it’s a full-body workout…I like the endurance challenge of it.

    What’s your preferred workout?

    1. I don’t really naturally like any exercise, but the ones that I’ve had the best success with are dance based, or cardio classes. I’d like to sign up for ClassPass and try a few different kinds of exercise and expand my repertoire a bit to see if I can find something I truly enjoy.

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