Weekend Links

Hey kittens, still going through it and so another quick intro just to kick off your weekend reading. Next to no politics this week because I am sick to the teeth of trying to keep up with it all. Instead, have a lovingly curated batch of links on the future of the internet user experience, good journalism on nicely odd topics, and pleasing whimsy. Enjoy!

Why DO people hate vegans so much? My experience with vegans is that I have seen many more people whinge, rant, or engage in outright verbal hostility towards them for “a sense of victimhood or self righteousness,” than I have ever seen or heard vegans themselves claim victimhood or be self righteous. It’s a very strange culture war from an outside perspective.

Bet you didn’t know Britain had a native wild cat!

What say you, Small Dog Nation, shall we all move to Italy?

Once more for the cheap seats in the back: millions of people are being displaced and will be displaced in our lifetimes. Walls won’t stop movement of people, language and borders are no longer barriers. This is coming, whether sooner or later. We need to think about it and plan for it now.

Stick to sports.” NO. (Also, a reminder that Deadspin published one of the most prescient pieces on the then-state of and future of culture ever written).

Conspiracy theories and bad science will kill us all

On the other hand, kindness, respect, and generosity of spirit may yet save us if we’re lucky.

Vote for your favorite books of 2019.

Facebook employees have written an open letter, disagreeing with the policies and procedures the business has implemented regarding what information they will and will not regulate. This is not an easy debate, but needs to happen. Facebook has more users than any single nation on earth has citizens. They may not wish to be in the position to make some ethical calls of this nature…but we’re well past the point where doing nothing is acceptable. The stakes are too high now, trying desperately to avoid the responsibility that is now yours by default isn’t going to fly.

What a pleasing bit of scientific nerdery!

Everything is stupid but we are getting some Grade A metaphors.

An interestingly enough, Twitter is trying something rather bold. Curious to see how this works out (or not) in 2020 and if any other platform will follow. Also curious to see how the meme farms and trolls will find a way to get around this..

Memes matter and are short ways to convey a lot of meaning. In this case, intergenerational exasperation and anger.


Bennoff and Weiss finally admit what we suspected for a long time: they didn’t know what they were doing and were badly out of their depth. (The original source thread is bonkers.)

Florida Man, meme becomes life.

An excellent reported piece!

This is genuinely fascinating (if scary) and I think things are trending in this direction more generally. Consider streaming services: briefly the solution to cable TV, each network is now launching its own service which you have to pay for separately in order to access its special content. In other words…cable. There are different versions of the internet, depending on which platforms you frequent and use. Someone was going to be the first to attempt to make this official…

And finally, in honor of Halloween: DAFUQ?!

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