October Moodboard

“Everybody sat in the dark cellar, suspended in the suddenly frozen task of this October game; the wind blew outside, banging the house, the smell of pumpkins and apples filled the room with smell of the objects in their fingers…”
– Ray Bradbury

October is a glorious month, it’s all moody weather and pleasant chill. The season of leather boots and chunky knits!

This month I’m going to focus on settling. September was all upheaval and change, October is (I’m hoping!) about slowing down, getting deliberate and mindful, and focusing on the things that provide a sense of stability. There’s going to be lots of food, a few classes, and hopefully a return to a more balanced approach to work and life. I’m pairing back…while still including pops of drama and color just to keep things interesting. So what if the fashion inspiration is from the midcentury and the eye makeup look I’m devoting myself to is from last winter. Find joy, ducklings!

On the To Do list are a local viewing of the original Fleabag stage show, leaving the office on time, and catching up on my library check out queue (which is out of control with all the news reading and podcast listening which has taken over my media life). What are you doing or looking forward to this October?

2 thoughts on “October Moodboard”

  1. seeing the fleabag show here at a local film theater….with a pal. Mostly ready to try and SHED weight after a health-induced inability to exercise. Would like to see more music and museums, Jose’s birthday is the 19th so we’ll be at a friend’s gorgeous country house in Connecticut the weekend of the 19th.

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