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“It’s 4:58 on Friday afternoon. Do you know where your margarita is?” Amy Neftzger Another Friday is upon us and I’ve compiled a bit batch of weekend reading to get you through the long hours until the Sunday Blues! It’s been another wild week of news and we have much to discuss. Meet me in the comments!
#FreeTheNipple goes way back! Something wickedThe joy of fall dressing is real! A thoughtful take on the future of a franchise. Super normal. Super great. “Be aware of false balance” is an editorial directive that should get behind a lot more topics and not just this one in particular. Two queens. I appreciated the conversation this sparked about how and where women’s rage is still deemed inappropriate, even among champions. Also, women supporting other women (especially in the face of absurdity and impediments) is literally the best thing in the world. This follow up piece resonated within me like a struck bell: demand the apologies you deserve. More good things to look forward to as a species. It’s not an accident that the US President and others has tried to rebrand protests against police brutality (and by extension racism, corruption or bad faith). It’s a conversation a lot of people are desperate to avoid. More allegations. Genuine question: when does Ronan Farrow sleep? [ETA later this week: Moonves and others out. Good. But my god, do NOT try and fuck with or attempt to discredit Farrow.] Just awful. This should be unacceptable and completely avoidable in a modern, advanced society. GOALS GOALS GOALS. Shut up and take my money! A thoughtful take on this next phase of #MeToo we find ourselves in. Another one bites the dust…I’m very sorry to say. Answer: no, but good question. Shock. Surprise. A lot of our preconceived notions and propaganda points about immigration are wrong and the actual facts are fascinating! A break from terrible news for this tease! This story is a good example of something that I find troubling and an example of how certain bad faith actors are incredibly good a manipulating media. It is very common for conservatives in particular to say that conservative viewpoints are censored–when what they really mean is unpopular in popular spaces like certain social media platforms. This is bad faith because it denies the reality of algorithims which cater and boost content relevant to the viewer in question–meaning that a person with a certain viewpoint is actually statistically likely to get their view reinforced with content. It is also bad faith because it fails to acknowledge the wealth, power, and influence of the conservative media machine and the fact that conservative politicians and appointees are in power at every level of state and federal government. What censorship?! The President routinely favors and calls into certain networks and platforms while vilifying others. Organizations who are led by left-leaning individuals are then pressured into appearing unbiased in favor of their own view points and, in my opinion, go out of their way to then cater to opposing view points. This is, of course, exactly what the aim of the accusations is in the first place. Again, bad faith. We have a new president…of Planned Parenthood! Absolutely fuck this noise. The number of immigrant children being detained has spiked again. Let us celebrate the anniversary of his never-ending war with Eddie. We have a contender for the “most dystopian phrase I’ve heard in a while, and boy isn’t that saying something” category from Mr. Bezos. And finally, we have another contender for the “worst thing he’s ever tweeted” category this week: https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js ETA: your Friday news blast.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. Lots of good links here, as always! Thanks for your hard work digging them up week after week…

    The apology piece is very powerful and I may (with credit to you!) blog this as well.

    Also SO ready for fall dressing — on holiday in Toronto 2 weeks ago, I stayed with a good friend who was OK doing laundry…I was sweating through everything every day. UGH. I enjoy summer, for a while, but feel much more stylish in cooler temps.

    1. It’s a labor of love. Or other task avoidance 😉

      Please do blog on it, I’m in a mood to read lots and lots about female rage and dismantling patriarchy. Meanwhile, I’m lovingly stroking my jumpers and counting down the days until I can start wearing a coat.

      1. Right????!!! Me, too. (coats)

        I have too much female rage, from a few extra decades of lived experience (even with all my privilege) to read a lot about it…my rage is now meta, that we are STILL being treated so badly so often. This is a fight women are so so so so tired of.

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