Five Things I Loved in June

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
– Russel Baker

London is currently experiencing the first of a series of projected heatwaves and it’s blazing hot outside. In other words, it’s a perfect time to talk about the things that kept me feeling and looking good in the month of June! Roll on summer!

Clinique Take the Day Off Balm Cleanser
As the weather warms up and I layer more products on my face (multiple layers of SPF throughout the day, makeup, waterproof mascara, and goodness knows sweat), I need to take a lot more off when I get home in the evening. This is a fantastic cleanser that I used for a long time, and then just never got around to replacing it as I was trying to use up other items in my bathroom cabinet. I only got around to repurchasing it at the start of the month and have been using it practically every day to take my face off. It’s a lovely cleanser that melts makeup and other products


Queer Eye Season Two
Everything I loved about season one, double it. Supportive, lovely, encouraging friendships are often portrayed along gender lines–women experiencing the “sisterhood” of emotional support while men are portrayed bucking one another up with toughness and stiff upper lips. Of course the spectrum of lived experience is vast, but in media and culture I think that while it has become more acceptable and even attractive for women to take on certain “masculine” traits and roles, it still isn’t nearly common enough to see men take on more traditionally “feminine” aspects (such as being nurturing and gentle). I unabashedly love the portrayal of male emotional support and friendships on this show for this reason. If more men and boys got the hype squad treatment that I experience with my female friends, we’d have a lot fewer problems in the world.


Radiolab presents: Gonads
Radiolab is one of the great pioneers of radio and podcasting and each episode is worth a check in. However, I really love when they dive into topics for extended projects which they have done recently on the topic of human reproduction. What are gonads? How did they evolve? What is fertility, infertility, and how are people using science to have children? What are the ethics of all these questions? It’s good scientific fun!

Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Red Square
This long standing favorite lip pencil has done service in the wars this month and is deserving of a shoutout. Look how much of this sucker I have used up! The goal is to finish it entirely and eventually replace it once I have also used up some similar but inferior items in my makeup stash.


That guy I’m married to
Jeff has been absolutely working his tail off recently and still managed to give me a gorgeous birthday dinner, help plan a much needed upcoming holiday, rant with me about the troubles we see in the world, watch comedy specials with me to make ourselves feel better, and generally be a good guy all around. Happy 9 year anniversary today, love. I’m still rather fond of you.

2 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved in June”

  1. Ooh the Clinique cleanser sounds good. I switched to Origins Original Skin cleanser earlier this year and it has done wonders for my skin. It’s a balm that turns milky when you add water. It has quite an oily texture but I’m finding that ‘oilier’ balm-type cleansers are much better for me. But the Origins one is £20 for a small tube so it is pricey IMO.

    I was naughty in June…I’ve been very disciplined in using up my makeup without being tempted to buy new products. But after having a rather low week, I treated myself to a new red lipstick (“Red” by Bobbi Brown). Haven’t worn red lippie in years but wow, it’s amazing what it can do for a girl’s confidence! ☺ Still need to try Nars lipsticks…I’ve heard good things.

    Happy anniversary to you and Jeff!

    And I hope you manage to stay cool in the heatwave. I was in London for work last Wednesday and the tube was boiling!

    1. The cleanser is excellent, I really recommend and Clinique is a good mid level brand in terms of price while producing good quality skincare.

      Never feel bad about the occasional lipstick. It’s vital to a girl (or confident guy’s) wellbeing!

      London is broiling hot right now, it’s equally lovely and a bit ridiculous. Britain is not built for extremes, either hot or cold, and it’s been amazing to see how much of the city seems unable to cope.

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