Weekend Links

“Sunday. The poor man’s rich day.”
– Christian Nestell Bovee

Hey team, we may it to another weekend! Leave aside Brexit and the Russian shenanigans for half an hour and let’s peruse some of the good things in life…with a couple of political links thrown in. Who are we to defy our natures here at SDS? Share anything you’ve found this week that sparked joy, conversation, or thought in the comments, kittens!

 photo 2017-03-30 17.20.06_zps420lzu9g.jpg

David Frum remembers the stance that got him fired when it came to the ACA 7 years ago, and what has happened in our political discourse since.

The seasonal change is upon us, almost time to pack up sweaters.

These deconstructed blue willow cups will be mine, I vow it!

Summer is coming!

This story, a Muslim immigrant to the Wyoming territory in early 20th century America ends up with the name Hot Tamale Louie (and what his descendants are now living through) is incredible.

This article is, hopefully, eye opening. If you’re American, white, and working or middle class, and you believe socialism is an evil political system that helps the undeserving poor…maybe stop a moment and consider how much of your life is tied to government assistance in ways you might not have considered. Do you have a retirement plan? A mortgage? I’ve got news for you… “Socialism for white people is all-enveloping, benevolent, invisible, and insulated by the nasty, deceptive notion that we have earned our benefits by our own hand.” The other side of the coin being the pernicious idea that anyone who needs or receives more obvious assistance (practically coded reference to white poor–or trash, and ethnic minorities) somehow hasn’t earned it.

The nerdery herein is glorious.

And in case you’ve missed this story in the deluge of awful out of Washington…this guy’s reasoning for his horrific action…just…ugh, humans, do better.

Thoughts on S-town, the new podcast from the creators of Serial who released their season Netflix style all in one big drop?

Gee…thanks for the credit. This feels oddly like those old Victorian partnerships or marriages you sometimes come across in the nooks of history where the dude was a “leading authority” on some subject or other or invented something spectacular, and it turns out that his wife or daughter was a full scientific research partner, or sometimes compiled his notes, crossreferenced his work, basically wrote his papers, and probably invented something in the process that she didn’t get credit for because some other guy went public with it first.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee shared a rare but kind of great moment of political win.

I fell down an enjoyable rabbit hole with this post, now gone semi viral. As the author says, there’s no way to know if it’s true, but how crazy is it that her headline is plausible? That’s how interconnected we are these days.

Album of the week: Silver Eye by Goldfrapp

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Love the cups.

    Americans have a massively conflicted relationship with “help” and the government. It’s bizarre to anyone who has lived (and thrived) in a system more openly, and happily socialist.

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