Checking in on 101/1001

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.”
– Venus Williams

Six months have now gone by, so it’s time to check in on where I’m at with my goal list. At a rate of nearly 2 a month, here’s what I’ve ticked off so far:
35. Move to a new (bigger) apartment
46. Keep a spending diary for a month
51. Do the Yoga With Adrienne 30-day Challenge  (Did a 31-day challenge instead!)
55. Blog twice a week for six months
59. Participate in  a protest in support of a cause I care about
65. Finish another “cult TV” show (Twin Peaks)
81. Find a way to collaborate with one of my creative agency contacts
82. Achieve 10,000 steps a day for a month
85. Drink 2 litres of water a day for a month
94. Go a month without biting my nails
97. Try starting a new feature on SDS (monthly faves)

And here are some longer term goals currently in progress:
28. Go a month without eating out once
30. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished
33. Pay off the remainder of our student loans
44. Go on a shopping hiatus for 3 months once a year (currently on 2 of 4)
49. Decorate a new apartment like a real, live grown up (a work very much in progress)
54. Pitch 4 writing projects a year as a bare minimum (3 of 15)
66. Listen to one new-to-me music album each week for a year
83. Go on one holiday a year with just friends (1 of 3!)
84. Deep clean once a season for duration of 1001 day timeline (2 of 15)
86. Vote in every election in my US state for duration of 1001 day timeline
91. Relearn how to knit
95. Listen to 20 audiobooks (6 of 20)

Brag your recent personal achievements in the comments and let me know how you’re getting on with some of your long term goals and priorities!

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3 thoughts on “Checking in on 101/1001”

  1. Your list is dizzying!

    My long term goal (hardly aided and abetted by cookies and ice cream and wine, ahem) is to keep losing weight…which people says they are noticing. I can even (!) detect cheekbones.

    I admire your progress…

    We just got through six weeks without eating out. That wasn’t easy or fun but it sure saves $$$. As for shopping…hah! I shop so rarely now I feel like someone let out of a dark cave…SO MUCH STUFF! Went into the new Adidas flagship store on Fifth Avenue and now (mymymymy) have a jones for a pair of custom-made Gazelles. Sad but true. I also dropped $219 at In Other Stories. That’s a lot for me. 🙂

    1. And Other Stories is very hit and miss for me, but when it’s a hit…they have taken a lot of my money!

      I need to jump start some health goals because I have let things slide this winter, yoga challenge notwithstanding. But I’ve learned that if I try to do too many goals at once, I short out, crash and burn. Once I tick off some of the in progress goals I’m currently working on, I think I’m going do devote a month to overhauling my health, a la the Money Month project here on the blog.

      1. I agree — this time, it offered lots good options.

        I tend to burn out as well; go ALL IN and get bored fast. That’s why I’m limiting spin class to 2x week. I’d lose more weight faster if I did more, but I don’t want to lose my enjoyment of it.

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