Weekend Links

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”
― Mark Twain

Okay, I’m just going to say it. Every single friend, family member, or acquaintance who threw that “literally vs. seriously” line about President Trump at me, telling me that he would never actually try to accomplish any of his campaign promises, needs to step forward and explain a few things now. Because I and others took him both literally and seriously. My greatest concern was the President Trump would do the things he ran on, that he would carry out his threats. That he meant it. One single week into this presidency and thus far, that seems to be precisely what he’s trying to do. And so again, every single person who tried to tell me that, “Oh he doesn’t mean an actual wall,” or that “He doesn’t literally mean a Muslim ban,” or any of his other statements: help me understand your thinking on his actions now given that you must be just as surprised as anyone that he’s actually pushing forward on these platforms. Or please just admit that he did mean it…and that you may have voted for him because you wanted him to mean it too. Then we can probably have some more effective conversations about moving forward as a body politic.

There, rant done for this weekend. Here your links, heavy on the politics, but with a few less pressing items for your consideration. Because beauty and humor are going to keep us fueled as we debate whether the leader of the free world is an Orwellian nightmare, or an absurd five year old. And plan accordingly.

 photo tumblr_oia9py140k1rshfm8o1_1280_zpspm2gyito.jpg

One of the things I’m trying to do these days is educating myself more about the work of Black feminists and intersectional work. Here’s a primer that was shared following last week’s march.

This. If you are a woman who is happy, autonomous, and feel largely personally fulfilled and secure…you are the beneficiary of generations of women and work who came before you. Congratulations. Seriously! I’m thrilled! But understand that you are not necessarily the norm, in the US or elsewhere.


God, the pettiness is just incredible. It’s not enough to strong arm your Press Secretary into blatantly lying and pushing debunked claims on the public, you need the Park Service to try and validate your ego?

In related news, and to paraphrase someone being clever on the internet, none of the dystopian literature I’ve read prepared for the resistance to start with Parks Service, but I’m here for it!

And finally, a firm reminder that if you participated in the marches and have causes that you care about: stay involved! Anger without action is useless.

Self care for the resistance.

The Women March has proclaimed a program of 10 actions in 100 days that everyday citizens can participate in, learn more here.

Public broadcasting is near and dear to my heart. To arms (or at least donations), citizens!

I’m on a shopping ban and have no intention of breaking it, but do admit to some casual flirting with this jumper. For obvious reasons.

Foxes + art = happy C. (h/t to Katarina)


Body positivity and self love queen Lizzo dropped a new video from her Coconut Oil project, one of my favorite albums of last year. Go forth and be blessed.

Want. All of them.

Album of the week: Culture, by Migos

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