Spending Diary Vol. 4

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.”

After getting a bit sloppy last week, I decided to buckle down and organize more this week. I’m still adjusting to a new schedule and some of my anxiety habits are trying to creep in to muck with things like sleep and morning routines, but progress is being made. Again, food took up a lot of spend, but I feel like I have a much better handle on it this week, and was able to use food prep leftovers better.

 photo DeathtoStock_Creative Community5_zpsy0vrkrcn.jpg

I wasn’t feeling well after the march on Saturday so we had a slow day. We went to our local brunch joint, did a decent amount of grocery shopping (heavy on the cheap items like pasta), and then I did some packaging prep for leftovers to take to work tomorrow, plus some portioned green smoothie ingredients in freezer bags.
Brunch: £32.80
Groceries: £44.00
Amazon Prime (a monthly recurring cost): £6.25

Vexation! I packed both snacks and a lunch and was feeling smug…until the office microwave gave up the ghost spectacularly. Alas that my lunch was soup. I had to buy some food, but forewarned is forearmed, and I prepped salad mixes for future meals this week so as not to rely on the kitchen.
Travel card renewal: £33.00
Lunch: £9.60

Much better behaved today, except for one indulgence…
Coffee (cash): £2.90. Bad, C.!

Lunch with a friend in from out of town: £21.00

My sleep had been out of wack for several days now (for no readily apparent reason besides groundless anxiety, which is annoying) and I came home feeling like I’d been smacked with a chair and very much not up for cooking. Indian takeaway order it is, planned to account for multiple meals.
Lunch (cash): £4.20
Snack (cash): £1.60
Dinner: £24.80

Breakfast (cash): £4.70

Solo brunch, Jeff was catching up with some of his buddies and I took myself, a bunch of podcasts, and a book off to a local joint to munch and catch up on my reading. It was delightful!
Brunch: £16.40

Total: £201.25

2 thoughts on “Spending Diary Vol. 4”

  1. Hi I’m really enjoying your fiscal approach this year. I’m so sorry to hear of your anxiety & sleeping woes. You might want to try rubbing lavender oil on the soles of your feet when you go to sleep. Also magnesium can help with a whole range of issues, including anxiety. Cheers

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