Quick Check In

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
― Henry David Thoreau

In my 101/1001 list I have a number of goals that seem to fall into themes, and picking an overarching theme (“Money”) to write about publicly and focus on personally for a month has been a great way to jump start my creative energy towards some personal development. I’m on track to tick off a lot of these individual goals in January. Plus, it’s been fun! I’ve enjoyed putting together a series of posts on a single topic over a month tremendously. I’m thinking of trying to do this or similar projects often throughout year.

And so, SDS Nation, lend me your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you’ve liked about this project, didn’t like, or want to see more of moving forward on this and other topics. Health, style, more adventures in finance, what would you like to read and talk about here?

6 thoughts on “Quick Check In”

  1. I enjoyed Money Month on SDS, and you inspired me to keep track of my own discretionary spending for a month. 🙂 Now we’re at the end of January and I can’t quite believe we’re a whole month into 2017. Really?!

    I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on making it as a woman in the workplace, specifically around confidence and also perhaps a retrospective for women just starting out in their careers.

    Looking forward to your next posts, whatever you decide to write. This month’s been great!

    1. Oh fab, would love to read a post on your savings experiment. Ditto as to the first month of the year being gone already…where on earth did it go?!

      Great suggestion about a workplace topic, I’ll have to think about that one a bit because I think that could be a great theme. Thank you!

  2. I’s like to read your thoughts on the many many challenges of being an expat — esp. a Yankee in London! All the cultural hurdles (like being “too emotional”)…NOT the language issues (done to death) but the subtler challenges of having to re-boot a career (ahem, I did this in NYC) in a place where you have almost zero social capital (i.e. every prep school from nursery school to grad school, etc.) which is usually how people get the best opportunities in any society.

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