Weekend Links

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”
― Allen Saunders

Hi kittens, it’s been a busier than initially anticipated week–although a pretty good one all things considered. And yet I owe you a links post and so, behold. This weekend is about getting some holiday shopping sorted and cleaning. Grown up stuff. Pray for us.


Beyonce and Hamilton mix–SDS catnip!

More catnip, old maps found in amazing places.

This tweet made the political realm bearable for me for me this week. That micro expression of pain… Not to cause a comment war, kittens, but what are your thoughts on Governor Romney’s hat being in the ring for a Cabinet pick? Genuinely curious. I range from, “Mitt, back away! I didn’t like or vote for you, but for gods sake, keep your integrity!” to, “Thank goodness, an adult in the room…”

Resident journalist and Friend of the Blog Caitlin weighs in for some tips on how to avoid fake news and intelligently consume investigative and informative media. Facts, not opinions.


A little holiday travel fashion inspiration for you.

Coming to America.

Powerful read.

“Millennial pink” is a shade. And it’s powerful.



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