Weekend Links

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

Kittens, this is a week for rejoicing. First of all, in a month, the US election will be decided. Secondly, Jeff and I have managed to do most of the furnishing of our flat in record time…seriously, we thought it would take longer to source some of our pieces but we are (if you’ll forgive me) ace sales shoppers. A couple of big ticket items will be purchases for 2017–slight pearl clutch to think how close we are to a new year–but from tomorrow we will have both internet and a sofa actually within our apartment. #adulting

Finally, we are planning an upcoming trip to Spain with good friends and really looking forward to is.

And so, lo though a new Monday is nearly upon us, we are not in despair and we have links.


Super excited for this. PS, if you didn’t already subscribe to British Vogue’s Youtube channel, you really should. From mini series to interesting content and with influencers, it’s got an authenticity I really enjoy.

Because it’s not a “distraction” from the issues.

I think this should be SDS canonized, or whatever our equivalent action of reverence is.

I’ve long coveted a Moicun cluster ring, so you may imagine how much I loved this interview with the designer.

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an amazing speech in New Hampshire, the second half of which is a good but somewhat typical stump speech. The first half, however, was an emotional punch to the gut on the issue of Mr. Trump’s language about women. The FLOTUS has given the best speeches by far in this cycle, in my opinion.

Hm, and I’ve just realized our entryway decor consists of an Ikea bag (full of shoes) and a Fortnum and Mason basket that I claimed from company gifting leftovers last Christmas season. Time to plot that space out a bit more.

So not only is his sweater a meme, but Ken Bone seems to be a legitimately decent (and funny!) person on the internet. 2016 was not a total waste of humanity!

Speaking of good things, if you haven’t given Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table, as listen to, rectify.

Secret apartments in libraries. Catnip to C..

5 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

    1. Oh it’s still in pieces, never fear! There are a lot of big ticket purchases that won’t happen until 2017, but hopefully this week having a number of things (like a sofa and dresser) will help it be more liveable. Maybe I’ll try and film a flat tour or something!

  1. So I’ve been reading this blog for a little while, quite unsure as to how I stumbled upon it, but I find your stances on Donald Trump and Feminism very interesting and have enjoyed reading for what little time I’ve been here, but today while I was at work, I saw a name that seemed oddly familiar… Typed across a piece of paper was the name “Cadence Woodland” and I could swear I had heard it before… Long story short, it turns out that I was delivering your sofa! What a strangely small world we live in… I’m really sorry that I had to be the bearer of bad news, and I hope that the supplier of said sofa got back to you, I did tell them it was very important! Let me know how it goes!

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