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“When Adam and Eve were dispossessed Of the garden hard by Heaven, They planted another one down in the west, ‘Twas Devon, glorious Devon!”
-Sir Harold Edwin Boulton

Hi, kittens! Your links are a day late this week, and that’s because I spent the weekend in a tiny village on the Devon coast with very little wifi. It was delightful, I’m not a bit sorry to be tardy. Full post coming eventually, but in the meantime, enjoy your links and let me know what the week holds for you. Ours holds a move…wish us luck!

Clearly, the view was hideous. HIDEOUS.
Clearly, the view was hideous. HIDEOUS.

Pockets for all, votes for women!

This longform piece really hit me as I have noticed an increasing fractal pattern to my attention span and way of thinking that I feel can be at least partially attributed to the media world and age we live in. It’s everywhere and it’s nearly impossible to shut out…and I agree that the culture of always being “on” and “accessible” has consequences.

Nothing says SDS clickbait like ancient archaeology.

A surprisingly good deep dive into the end of Brangelina.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this shit up in a sitcom generator.

Achieving a new museum.

Let me sing you the song of my people. Apparently.

Beauty PSA, people! Ilia lipsticks have arrived at Sephora. If you are looking for an ethical brand, I’ve found the pigment load is worth the price tag.

I’m both intrigued and repelled by the notion of communal living.

Finally, major fistbump to not just Gigi Hadid for standing up for herself both physically and verbally, but all the journalists and People Online who called BS on a sexist headline and situation.

3 thoughts on “Monday Links”

  1. What an interesting essay all about pockets! As a Georgian era/Jane Austen fan, I enjoyed the bit about reticules and the development of purses and bags.

    I shall save the Sullivan piece to read later as I haven’t got time to read a longform piece right now without skimming it (and I suppose that sort of proves the point). I’ve noticed my attention span changing too, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to our culture of media consumption, staring at our phones too much and being bombarded by social media and advertising.

    Communal living is an interesting idea and one that I think will become more popular as fewer people can afford high house prices. It’s also good for older, socially isolated people who are lonely on their own. I know a couple of people who lived in a shared community and there can certainly be challenges, but for the right people and in the right situation I think it can be good. There was a recent Guardian article about it ( which I enjoyed.

    1. I caught that same Guardian piece as well! It’s a really interesting concept.

      The longform is really long, but really worth a read. It’s not without irony that I had to really dedicate some time and energy to focus on it properly…

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