Weekend Links

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck

It might be a Bank Holiday weekend, kittens, but there has been a hell of a lot of behind the scenes adventures in the last 48 hours. I’m tired. How delightful that we have tomorrow off to recover! We’re debating whether we should join the throngs at the Notting Hill Carnival, or eschew people all together and just wander along the Thames somewhere or spend a day in a park trying to soak up the last rays of summer. London has been broiling this past week and it looks to be keeping up for the forseeable future, but the promise of fall is in the air and one must stock up on ones Vitamin D.

Here are your links, darlings, extra long this week to see you through the weekend, and tell me what you’re getting up to in the comments!

Screenshot 2016-08-28 11.54.55

Let’s start the weekend with a roar as there never was a more SDS targeted article than this. Here’s to henchmen, demands, and cheekbones sharp enough to kill a man; down with wishes posing as rebellion!

Have you watched Stranger Things yet? If not, why not? Our friendship hangs in the balance.

God, how much worse is it going to get

How’s the US election shaping up? Are you sure?

And speaking of SDS clickbait! Do you subscribe to this Anne Boleyn theory?

No. HELL, no.

Beyonce just dropped tons of behind the scenes photos from the making of Lemonade. Go and be blessed, children.

I am oddly in love with this guy.

Found the perfect fall tote.

The hijab ban in France is ridiculous, period. If you are so up in arms about women’s attire being “mandated,” how about you stop mandating women’s attire? Here, have a look through this kick-a hijab wearing cosplayers instead.

Equal parts adorable and terrifying.

Me, to be honest.

Really enjoyed this piece. I’m not thin, I’m technically overweight according to my doctor–who very kindly hastened to assure me that I’m on the boundary for my height and well within the bounds of “normal,” gee thanks–but I’ve benefited from a lot of other privileges. Plus I’m fortunate to have both the ability and resources able to try and re-enter the “privileged” group, as getting in is a lot harder than falling out. Thoughts?

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. LOVE the heavy metal quilter!

    And women just need to keep our focus above the shoulders — i.e. our bodies, if healthy, are awesome. Their relative size and shape is a HUGE endless distraction from the energy and smarts we need to use to fix economic, social and political problems. If someone has a focus on the size or shape of my ass, I tell them it’s the size of my brain and heart that matters. It does. 🙂

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