Food Find: Hawker House

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
― Orson Welles

We happened across Street Feast entirely by accident–specifically we saw a ton of (I assume) event goers decked out in 1940s dress with a military theme apparently heading into a venue once. Then I did some googling out of curiosity. Then I discovered the conglomerate of street food venues scattered throughout the city, one of which was nicely near our apartment. Meet Hawker House!

 photo hawker1_zpsdwjjcuuh.jpg

In winter the food is indoors and heat lamps keep people cozy, in summer the party moves outside to food trucks.

 photo hawker3_zpsvmhg5tnw.jpg

Burgers, brisket, tacos, barbecue, Korean food, deserts, Pizza, and mixed grill all mingle happily.

 photo hawker4_zpsky9bdzre.jpg

 photo hawker5_zpsn2eeb5sq.jpg

 photo hawker6_zps0z2wzlva.jpg

 photo hawker7_zps65ftkcpc.jpg

Hello brisket, my old friend. You have been missed.

 photo hawker8_zpsqgszrlf0.jpg

 photo hawker9_zpszljtgqhu.jpg

 photo hawker10_zpsoyuopp9c.jpg

 photo hawker2_zpsuxqvyziu.jpg

One thought on “Food Find: Hawker House”

  1. There’ s a newish place almost identical to this in concept now a block north of Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. It’s fun to have so many choices in one spot.

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