Weekend Links

“The basis of optimism is sheer terror.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

A day early kittens because I’ve got stuff to be getting on with this weekend. I’m on holiday mode this week before I start the new gig, which of course means there’s a lot to do–up to and including blogging more. So here are your links and share your weekend adventures in the comments!

2016-08-06 14.57.50

The photos from this Into The Gloss Top Shelfie are everything.

Friend of the Blog Caitlin gets honest in a personal while professionally minded post.

Friend of the Blog Teri also writes poignantly about a deeply personal loss.

Damn it!

Ah yes, those ugly, undesirable suffragettes. Ironically some of these same kinds of ideas and imagery were thrown around about myself and much better women than I who suggested wearing trousers to church would be appropriate…and the rest, as they say is very well documented history.

Instagram feed of the week: this collection of secondhand and vintage labels!

POTUS for the win.

Where were you for Cargogate 2016? (The author’s follow up to the original story is amazing, who knew the passion people felt for this piece of kit!)

This girl. Just give her the gold, man…

Speaking of, who caught the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony? If not, the BBC is here for you.

And finally, so much news this year has been of the Sick, Sad World variety (to quote Kid Fury), so I admit fully to tearing up a bit to see this. Am I a sucker for the social theatre of sport? Sure. Did I need this moment of human optimism? Absolutely.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Thank you for the link! 🙂

    The story below mine is so heartbreaking…oh, dear.

    The refugees at the Olympics are de facto my HEROES!!!!!! They have survived things we could not imagine. I so admire them.

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