Weekend Links

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”
― Jane Austen

Kittens, I am bad at holidays. Truly, bafflingly bad. I check emails, I take calls from colleagues, you name it; I have a very hard time switching off. This has been something I’ve been working to improve this year and I’ve become better at switching off on weekends, but for some reason I have some solid, puritan-founded-America guilt about taking holidays still lingering. It’s very un-British, un-European.

Spare me the lectures, I know how bad this is for me, but it’s still a challenge. Part of the issue is that my work team is relatively small for the amount of assets we manage and when we are a man or woman down, it can affect the whole team pretty drastically. Also, my boss has to travel regularly and when he’s in the air and unavailable I’m the deputy of the department and lead contact for external parties meaning that I need to be more available that I did in my previous role. For my type-A brain, it’s a lethal combination. I’m working on it.

I took a couple of days off this week for my birthday and Jeff took Friday off to spend with me eating food and going to museums. Although I had a couple of incidents of logging in, I’ve mostly been able to put the phone down and relax (something else I’m bad at). The sun is out today so I’m off to get some more practice in. Enjoy your links and share your favorite snippets of the internet this week in the comments.

2016-05-07 16.03.27 HDR-2

Well, this is just bloody heartwarming.

Bad feminist moment, I prejudged this show as overly nostalgic and bad-retro without watching an episode. Then I gave it a go on Netflix and swiftly inhaled three straight seasons. Unabashedly female in viewpoint and subject matter ranging from political austerity, to the not-so-distant-past where plumbing was communal, and to class and the female experience across cultures. Learn from my fail and give it a shot!

I want to go to there!

We haven’t had an archaeology read in a while, let’s rectify.

Why not have a double shot with a side of London history!

Intimate portraits of  a president.

Humans…you beautiful bastards have done it again

The Great and Good Alle Connell, ladies and gentleman!

No, YOU’RE crying.

There’s a reason those Instagram posts look so good. Social media is fun, kids, but  it’s often very carefully managed and curated. Trust me, I work in marketing.

I’ve been linking to a number of pieces recently reporting on rape cases at my alma mater and how the unique (and in my opinion, thoroughly bad) relationship between law enforcement, campus offices, and honor code departments can have awful results. This is, of course, not limited to a single school. Another survivor in another public case spoke out this week, and her statement is well worth reading.

A great post at The Mary Sue about how the word “genuius” gets gendered in the music industry.

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