It’s Happening

“At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.”
― George Orwell

I’ve written before about my general apathy towards getting older. I don’t see it as a bad thing and find too many attempts of people trying to maintain youth sliding into outright immaturity to be attractive. I also think that the physical pressure on woman to try and appear as young as possible for as long as possible annoying, exhausting, and a foregone conclusion in the battle with the clock and gravity. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at the silver streak for and think, “And so it begins,” a little bit.
 photo gray1_zps8gjqncoq.jpg

 photo gray2_zpspwjvn2gb.jpg

 photo gray3_zpscqxsx3e8.png

My 30th birthday is but days away and the aging process has begun! My only complaint (besides my apparently inability to keep my camera orientation at the same setting for more than two photos) is that my genes didn’t put this silver streak front and center like Stacey London. Or Cruella de Vil. Honestly, Mother Nature, do a girl a solid and give her some dramatic impact!

Minion coterie, share! First signs of aging in you, your friends, or your family members that you noticed and why?

5 thoughts on “It’s Happening”

  1. Wrinkles! In my forehead and crows feet. I’m having a harder time with aging than I expected as I careen towards thirty. Codys got gray coming in on the sides though so at least I escaped that one so far.

    1. That at least sounds debonair! Meanwhile, I don’t have crows feet yet, but I am definitely seeing where they are going to end up!

  2. I’ve got a couple grey hairs too. They’re all scraggly and weird and nothing like the texture of the rest of my hair. And I have a line under my eyes now that doesn’t go away. But I’m turning 31 this year, so maybe it’s to be expected! 30 really isn’t so bad though! It feels very much like 29.

    1. I concur, I’ve not found the prospect of turning 30 significantly different from 29. Except a ditto on the texture of the gray hairs…

  3. I discovered my first grays at the age of 17. I’m 32 now and they are healthily scattered throughout my head but most prominently along my temples. I love my grays and pull my hair up to show them off every chance I get. The grays I’m discovering in my eyebrows though, that’s a whole other story.

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