Weekend Links

“What on earth would I do if four bears came into my camp? Why, I would die of course.”
― Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

Kittens, I’m incredibly relaxed right now. Jeff and I just got back from a weekend camping at a friend’s family estate (seriously) in the midlands. The friend in question co-owns and manages his own events company and is, as you may imagine, an incredible host. It was the warmest and brightest days we’ve had all year and we could not have asked for a better set up. It was a proper, British affair with meals in the summer garden, dogs everywhere, children ditto in varying states of undress as the weekend progressed, bike rides for those who wanted and badminton for those who didn’t, a bonfire, birdsong, and great food.

Did I mention I was relaxed?

A proper post will show up soon enough. Here is a short batch of links and enjoy the remains of the weekend!

2016-05-07 13.52.32 HDR-2

In our continuing exploration of people leaving various platforms of the internet…thoughts?

Beauty lovers, to ITG. Grace is waiting for you.

Soothing, pretty landscapes. Does what it says on the tin.

...I’m transfixed

A new cartoonist to follow in Instagram.

I loved this piece by the Man Repeller, demanding what’s so great about a minimalist wardrobe anyway? There writes a woman who knows how to revel in her clothing.


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