Weekend Links

“What potent blood hath modest May.”
–  Ralph W. Emerson

This Bank Holiday weekend completely snuck up on me, I actually blanked that it was happening until about Thursday. By which time it was, of course, too late to secure a last minute trip somewhere. Happily, it’s May and that means I’ve got another BH to scheme towards.

In related news, how the heck is it already May?! Where is this year going!

2016-04-27 10.21.06 HDR

The BYU assault coverage continues, thank goodness for journalism.

Alas that I am allergic, I’d take a “Viking cat” in an instant.

Tulips forever.

Mother Nature trumps science via rodents.

I am loving the new Beyonce album, while being keenly aware that it was not made for me. It’s an album that specifically speaks to the black american female experience, personal and broad. So go read some incredibly smart writing about it from incredibly smart women.

It’s not just about the numbers.

Because we can always learn from smart ladies.

Style tips from the Queen of Quirk.

A memo on how French soliders were to treat American soldier of color in WWII. Ugh.

A fascinating question, “When precisely were these ‘good old days’ everyone keeps talking about?”

And finally, h/t to Grace over at Culture Life who dropped this link in response to my query about the term “work/life balance” last week. This seems a better way of thinking of it, but I’m still looking into the subject.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. Those Norwegian forest cats are gorgeous! Typing this as I sit here with my sleeping kitty curled up on my lap… Sorry you’re allergic to cats. At least it’s possible to get non-shedding dogs. 🙂

    I giggled at the NPR article about the weasel and the Hadron Collider, especially the last paragraph. Too funny! 😀 “Of course, small mammals cause problems in all sorts of organizations. Yesterday, a group of children took National Public Radio off the air for over a minute before engineers could restore the broadcast.”

    Definitely going to check out the nightly routines of successful women.

    And I think the end of your post got cut off? Part of the sentence after the work/life integration link seems to be missing.

    1. Oh goodness, thank you! The perils of way too many drafts over the course of a week…

      I’m tempted to just brave the reaction and get a cat at some point. As long as I don’t pick it up and rub my face in it, I think we can keep the damage to a minimum. I’ve been really wanting a pet for a long time, and dogs aren’t an option just yet due to time requirements. Though if I manage to talk my work into the concept of “office dogs,” I will be ALL over that situation.

      Jeff meanwhile will agree to a hypothetical cat on the condition we name it “Chariman Meow.” His own invention and one he may be a little too proud of 😉

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